Best Times to Visit Sri Lanka

FACT: Sri Lanka is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Full of natural beauty, historical treasures and such a unique culture, you could spend weeks there and still have more to discover!


Sri Lanka’s capital lies on the West coast, easily accessible to some of the coolest beaches in the country. A bustling city, Colombo brings together an abundant history and modern global community, making it tourist-friendly, but feel free to have your own adventure and live like the locals.

Best times to visit
Weather-wise, you’ll find December through March to be the driest and overall, most pleasant time to visit Colombo. April through May is another great period, but you’ll also be running into the country-wide New Year’s Celebrations. September through November should allow you to narrowly avoid the monsoon season – it’s not too late to visit!


A three-hour train ride from Colombo, the old capital is neatly nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka. The rich, green hills are home to much flora and fauna, and no nature loving traveller will want to miss a chance to discover the spiritual Kandy for themselves.


Best times to visit
January through March are considered to be Kandy’s high season, with April, July – August, and December being the next best times to mark your calendars.


A timeless beach town on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, Galle is famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, Galle Fort. The unique Dutch-Portuguese influence on Sri Lankan styles really helps Galle stand out. It’s also home to Sri Lanka’s first Amari Hotel,  Amari Galle!

Best times to visit
The best months for a holiday in Galle would be in February through April, or Spring time. The beach is at its best, with low rainfall and warm days. December to February are Galle’s hottest and driest months, with possible rainfall – make sure you pack accordingly. But, if anything, you are guaranteed 7 hours of sunny days and pleasant weather for outdoor activities. If you prefer cooler weather, try visiting in October to November.

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