Hong Kong Public Transportation Guide: How to Get Around?

Covering a little more than 1,000 square km of land, Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest cities, in constant movement no matter what time it is.

Aside from basic forms of transportation we generally see around the world (e.g. buses, taxis), here are three ways we like to get around Hong Kong!

1. MTR


The quick and very efficient MTR line basically covers all of Hong Kong. It consists of 10 separate rail lines, including the Disneyland line and the Airport Express. Tourist passes are available for busy travellers.

Get the details you need to plan out your daily excursions by checking out the official MTR site: https://goo.gl/RRQftI

2. Trams


An old-school form of transportation, these double-decker street cars will take you on an adventure through Northern Hong Kong in timeless style. Each ride has a flat fare, regardless of distance, so keep some cash handy (or get an octopus Card!).

The trams don’t cover as much of the island, so check out their map and stations before jumping on: https://goo.gl/oL9BAm

3. Ferries


Hop between the island and mainland areas with the local ferries. There are multiple companies that run a service, so make sure you’re getting on the right boat!

There are various ferry companies for you to choose from, so check out the list to compare timetables and rates: https://goo.gl/HrvMQr

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