6 Temples in Hong Kong That’ll Make Your Wishes Come True!

With a new year right around the corner, what’s a better way to start fresh than having your fondest wishes and dreams fulfilled? 🙇‍♂️😍

We’ve put together 6 famous temples where you can pray and make wishes when visiting Hong Kong. Wealth, health, success, prosperity-you name it!

📣 Chi Lin Nunnery

Consolidating the Tang Dynasty style architecture, the Chi Lin Nunnery is a great sight to look at with its elegant wooden architecture and soothing lotus ponds. Having quite a reputation for making wishes come true, many visitors come here to take a stroll and wish for good luck.

MTR Diamond Hill, Exit C2

📣 Hung Hom Kwun Yam Temple

Receiving red envelopes in Chinese culture means receiving money! Here at Hung Hom Kwun Yum, you will receive red envelopes after paying respect to the Kwun Yam statue. It is believed that if you keep the envelope with you, you’ll receive abundant wealth in return. For those wanting to get their fortunes told, the temple is also widely known for its accuracy in fortune-telling. Definitely a temple you can’t miss!

MTR Hung Hom, Exit B1

📣 Kwun Yam Shrine

Want to live long and prosper? Cross the longevity bridge at Kwun Yam Shrine and add three years to your life! One of the most well-known and traditional wish-granting temples in Hong Kong, Kwun Yam Shrine is eclectic, incorporates many religious elements, and known for the Kwun Yam Statue where people come to ask for fertility.

MTR Central, Exit A (then take the bus to Repulse Bay Beach)

📣 Po Lin Monastery

Just the journey to the monastery itself is worth a visit, as you get to ride a cable car surrounded by scenic hills and marvellous landscape! The highlight of the monastery is undoubtedly the big Buddha statue that can be seen from afar. If you come to pay respect to the statue, it is believed that you’ll gain happiness and success in return.

MTR Tung Chung, Exit B (then take the cable car)

📣 Wong Tai Sin Temple

If your upcoming New Year wishes include health and love, then you should totally visit Wong Tai Sin Temple! Though the temple claims to grant all wishes upon request, most people come to wish for a cure for all ailments and good luck in their love lives. With ornamented buildings and its natural beauty, Wong Tai Sin is also a scenic attraction as well as a place of worship.

MTR Wong Tai Sin, Exit B3

📣 Che Kung Temple

Spin the wheel three times and get all the luck you want! Known for its windmill wheel that is believed to bring good fortune when spun three times, Che Kung Temple is a popular destination amongst tourists and receives a good reputation for its sacredness. You can also pay respect to the huge statue of Che Kung in the main worship hall or visit the various fortune tellers situated at the entrance!

MTR Tai Wai, Exit B


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