4 Ways to Sleep Better When Travelling

We sympathise: it’s tough to adapt your sleep pattern when travelling.

But it can make or break your vacation (or business trip). Without proper rest, you may find yourself feeling tired, miserable, or even worse, getting sick. That’s why we want to tell you these four obvious secrets to getting better sleep while you’re on the go.

1. Adjust your body clock

Before going on a big trip, make sure you start adjusting your sleep pattern. In fact, some experts suggest you reset your phones and watch to the timezone of your destination once you get on the plane.

You can also shift your bedtime to that of your destination one or two days before departure. Every little bit helps!

2. Get comfortable

If you know you’re in for a long flight, ditch the high heels and thick, baggy jeans! Looking good usually comes with feeling good, and trust us, you won’t feel all that great if your 12-hour flight is sat through in stylish-but-uncomfortable clothes.

We recommend sweatpants, comfy sneakers, and a hoodie. The fabric breathes easier and you won’t have to worry about wrinkling your clothes either.

3. Keep hydrated

On land, you should already be drinking two litres of water a day – it’s much more intense up in the air. High altitudes dehydrate you even more, so drink a little more water than usual one to two days before take-off. Also make sure you regularly drink water while travelling – it’ll keep your immune system strong and help you sleep normally.

4. Eat right

Food makes the world go around, and it’s important to consider what goes into your stomach before taking that intense voyage. Avoid eating heavy meals right before getting on your flight – your body will have trouble digesting, leading to some discomfort.

Instead, have a light meal and snack regularly while in the plane.

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